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Art/Work Practice, LLC is a bicoastal consulting firm focusing on racial equity, founded by three working artists and activists.

We help individuals, organizations and companies use arts-integrated practices to shift cultures toward equity, and to build strategies for justice and inclusion within people’s work.

Sometimes that means discussions about the unconsidered effects of wheelchair accessibility in theater restrooms, or the impact of governmental racial exclusion on present-day arts patronage. Sometimes that means exploring visionary fiction and storytelling, and asking the room for a rewrite of Star Wars — but this time, with no Empire. Sometimes it means putting Play-Doh in front of everyone and seeing what happens. 

From our combined three decades of work at the intersections of racial equity, public policy, political education, storytelling, and the arts, we've learned that ending oppression takes creativity — and that creativity comes from surprising places.

To discuss how we can help you build real strategies for racial justice, contact us.


Racial Equity. Hands On.

Art/Work Practice upcoming events, with Tammy Johnson (TJ), Channing Kennedy (CK), and Nayantara Sen (NS):

11/10/2018, Detroit — "Designing Out of Dystopia" workshop at Facing Race 2018, co-facilitated with Intelligent Mischief; tickets. (TJ, CK, NS)

4/8-9/2019, Oakland — "Rewriting the Future" workshop at Haas Institute's Othering & Belonging Conference. (TJ, CK, NS)


Cultural Strategy: An Introduction and Primer

This 2019 report, written by Art/Work Practice co-principal Nayantara Sen and published by Power California, captures the what, why and how of the emerging field of Cultural Strategy by building on the findings of Nayantara’s forthcoming case study on Until We Are All Free, the culture-based racial justice initiative launched by Power California, CultureStrike, and Black Alliance for Just Immigration. Offering wide views of the history and breadth of the work alongside pragmatic actionable philosophies, this primer offers real footing to any organization looking to transform their work through culture and and to transform the culture through their work.

Read and download the full report at Power California's site. Excerpted pages below.



NAKA Dance Theater invited A/WP's Tammy Johnson to work with us as we kickstarted our creative process for The Anastasio Project, a roving, multidisciplinary performance about racial profiling and state brutality created collaboratively with EastSide Arts Alliance in East Oakland. Tammy brought a four-dimensional approach to the table, looking at public policy, social movements, economic and political history, and arts activism over time. She led us in a process where we placed ourselves in historical context, and empowered us to think deeply about our role as agents of change. Tammy has been a valuable advisor, a grounding presence, and a steady source of optimism in dark times. 

Debby Kajiyama

Founder, NAKA Dance Theater

We've come to rely on A/WP as we delve deeper in cultural strategy. As a coach, Channing is thoughtful, highly responsive, and clearly committed to MIV's and my own success. His light-hearted approach, paired with useful probing questions, makes learning much easier and more enjoyable. 


Development & Cultural Strategies Director, MOBILIZE THE IMMIGRANT VOTE

Art/Work Practice's equity and diversity trainings have become a vital part of our organization’s ongoing work to become more culturally relevant and conversant, enabling us to better address the needs of the diverse populations that make up the Bay Area communities we serve.

Clive Worsley

Director, Artistic Learning, California Shakespeare Theater

BAX worked with A/WP to get deep-tissue coaching support on generating racial equity processes for our Education Department. As a result of Nayantara's consulting support, we effectively reviewed the racial equity impacts of our community performing arts classes. I was able to create an internal advisory team of allies and generate bite-sized, actionable next steps on a pathway to organizational transformation. Nayantara's coaching style was accessible, incisive, honest, strategic — and I felt stronger and more equipped in my own leadership for racial equity.



Art/Work Practice helped our organization to understand the dynamics of oppression in the workplace, and gave us concrete tools to identify and change those dynamics.



Tammy's clear communication and pragmatism, combined with a steady and warm demeanor created an environment where the Luna management team and staff were able to work fluidly together to achieve our cultural humility goals. As one of Luna's directors, I evolved both professionally and personally - developing my leadership skills in relationships external to our organization, and internally as well. From this very elegant and enlivening process, we were able to strengthen our relationships as a Luna team, widen our experience with race and equity issues, and grow in our understanding of the systems within our culture that challenge us as we remain true to our mission of bringing dance to all children.
NN headshot (1).jpg

Nancy Ng

Director of Community Engagement, Luna Dance Institute




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